Are you considering bringing a Maine Coon or Ragdoll kitten into your home? It’s essential to make an informed decision when choosing a breeder or seller for these beloved cat breeds. Here are some reviews from our individual customers who have purchased Maine Coon and Ragdoll kittens from us, shedding light on their satisfaction and the trustworthiness.

Sarah Qureshi – Maine Coon Lover

“I couldn’t be happier with my Maine Coon kitten from Rapscallion Paws. The entire process was smooth, from the initial inquiry to the day I brought my new furry friend home. They were transparent about their breeding practices and provided detailed health records for the kitten. My “WATSON” is not only stunning but also incredibly healthy and well-adjusted. I highly recommend Rapscallion Paws to anyone looking for a Maine Coon kitten.”

David Hart – Ragdoll Enthusiast

“I recently adopted a Ragdoll kitten from Rapscallion Paws, and overall, it’s been a positive experience. They were responsive to my questions and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the process. “LUNA” is sweet-natured and beautiful, with a great temperament. The only reason I’m not giving a full 5 stars is because the kitten’s initial vet visit revealed a minor health issue that needed attention. However, Rapscallion Paws covered all expenses, and the issue was resolved. I appreciate their commitment to their kittens’ well-being.”

Eric Simmons – A Delighted Ragdoll Owner

“I can’t say enough good things about my Ragdoll kitten from Rapscallion Paws. From the moment I contacted them, I felt like they genuinely cared about their kittens’ welfare. They provided comprehensive documentation. My Ragdoll is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had. If you’re looking for a Ragdoll kitten, Rapscallion Paws is the way to go.”

Paige English – Happy with My Maine Coon

“I bought a Maine Coon kitten from Rapscallion Paws, and I’m quite pleased with my purchase. “BELLA” arrived in good health, with all the necessary documents and supplies. However, I did find their communication a bit lacking at times, which is why I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5. That said, my Maine Coon is thriving and has a fantastic personality. If you’re patient with communication, Rapscallion Paws is a good choice for Maine Coon kittens.”

Sophie Weaver:

“I was blown away by the care and attention these breeders put into raising their kittens. My little Ragdoll, LEO, is not only gorgeous but also the sweetest companion I could have ever asked for. I can’t thank Rapscallion Paws enough!”

The Smith Family’s Maine Coon Marvel:

“We found exactly what we were looking for at Rapscallion Paws. Our Maine Coon, is a bundle of energy and charm. He’s quickly become the heart of our family.”

Cherri Mcknight’s Ragdoll and Maine Coon Pair:

Our Ragdoll, EVE, and Maine Coon, SIMBA, are the best of friends. They’ve brought so much joy to our home. Rapscallion Paws’s dedication to their kittens’ well-being is truly exceptional.”

Tom & Linda Schlenger Heartwarming Tale:

“We can’t express how grateful we are for the wonderful kitten we got from Rapscallion Paws. This breeder was so understanding of our situation, and our kitten, “GOOSEY”, has brought so much joy and comfort to our family AND especially to our daughter who was suffering from anxiety. She’s truly special.”

Mike’s Maine Coon Companion:

“We adopted a Maine Coon kitten from Rapscallion Paws and we couldn’t be happier! They provided extensive health records and guidance on raising our kitten. Our Maine Coon is not just stunning but also the friendliest cat we’ve ever had.”

John’s Wonderful Experience:

“We’re incredibly pleased with our Maine Coon kitten from Rapscallion Paws. The kitten’s physical health and social skills speak volumes about the breeder’s dedication. Our little ARYA is not just a pet; she’s a cherished member of our family.”

Julian Ray Gutierrez:

“Bringing home our Maine Coon kitten, RALPH, was a breeze thanks to Rapscallion Paws guidance. They provided us with comprehensive information and even offered post-adoption support. RALPH’s playful nature and gentle disposition are a testament to the breeder’s dedication.”

Jordan Troy Sanborn:

“The professionalism and care shown by Rapscallion Paws are outstanding. Our Maine Coon kitten, BRAN, has the most loving and confident temperament. The breeder’s commitment to breeding healthy, well-adjusted kittens is truly commendable.”