We’ve created homes for our Maine Coon and Ragdoll kittens to thrive and spread the light. Now we want to illuminate your lives as well. If planning a family with a Maine Coon or a Ragdoll kitten, you are at the right place.

Adopting a Kitten as a Pet:

  • All kittens are spayed/neutered prior to leaving our cattery. This cost is factored into the price of the kitten.
  • Pet contract must be agreed to and signed.

Adopting a Kitten for Breeding:

  • Kittens who meet our health, type and temperament criteria will be available for breeding to Registered Catteries only.
  • Breeding contracts must be agreed upon, signed and upheld.

Kitten Prices:

There are a lot of factors involved in the pricing of kittens. One must consider that high quality breeding animals that have been genetically tested for diseases are not cheap, especially if the pedigrees are sought after or imported from other countries. Factor into this the cost of high quality food and supplements, appropriate facilities conducive to raise physically and emotionally healthy animals, vaccines, routine and emergency Veterinary care, genetic testing and website maintenance.

  • Pet Pricing: $1350
  • Breeder Pricing: $2000
  • Older kitten/Young Adult: $2500


Wait List:

We keep a limited waiting list of 20 future adopters. A 60% deposit of the total price is required to join our waiting list. As soon as you are done with the payment, please sign the Deposit Agreement and send to us through email.

Once a litter reaches 8 weeks of age we will send a newsletter to everyone on the waiting list listing all available kittens. You will have three (3) business days to respond if you are interested in a specific kitten. Preference will be given based on waiting list order as well as breeding potential. If for some reason you are no longer interested or not satisfied with the kittens, the deposit is transferred to the next available litter or refunded to you.

We believe in placing each individual kitten in the best homes possible. We try to match kittens with owners based on the individual needs and circumstances of the families, as well as the temperaments of the kittens. Our goal is to have happy owners and healthy, thriving kittens! Harlequin Coons & Dolls Haven reserves the right to refuse the sale of any kitten/cat when we believe that it is not in the best interest of the animal. 

Wait List:  Currently Open

Contact Us for more information regarding getting on the Wait List.


Deposits to hold your kitten are refundable if for any reason you are no longer interested. We also allow you to transfer your deposit to another kitten within one year.


Delivering Your Kitten

Kittens leave our nursery no earlier than 3 months of age. Every kitten will be sent home with:

  • Transfer of Ownership document
  • Full sales contract highlighting health guarantee and details.
  • Registration certificate
  • Veterinary Health record with all of their health info.
  • FVRCP + EeLV shot
  • Deworming (Revolution, Drontal, Pyrantel)
  • FeLV/FIV testing for kittens 12 weeks and older at the time of exam.
  • Hypoallergenic shampoo bath with blow dry and brush.
  • Kitten care package with food coupons and the food they’re eating e.g Royal Canin kitten.
  • Fun toys to play with.
  • A 2 years signed genetic health guarantee
  • Lifetime support for your kitten

If you live within Canada, you can expect your kitten to be delivered (for a small courier or shipping fee).

Outside of Canada (Australia, USA and beyond), Courier Service is available, and is the best way to transport your kitten both out of the country and Internationally. We will work with you to ensure the safest travel options possible.

If you choose to pick up your kitten, then you are very much welcome to our home for personal pick up.